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About 8 months ago I lost my job. Around the same time, I lost my house, forcing my boyfriend and me to move into a house share, in order to accommodate our animals. Needless to say, that was a disaster. We ended up paying everything for everyone for the first few months, even though we don’t have the money to spare and are sitting with a ton of debt. There are days where we with without power and days where we sit without food too.

4 months into the house share and we get robbed. R60 000 worth of goods were stolen. Since we couldn’t afford it, we had no insurance on the goods. This created more debt when we had to replace important items like my boyfriend’s work laptop. Currently, my boyfriend is the sole provider for us, as I am struggling to find work and have applied for everything possible. On top of that, I cannot leave my animals unsupervised, due to a conflict with the neighbour’s dog that keeps getting out and attacking my dogs, leaving me with more debt, because I have to then pay vet bills.

We are trying so hard to get out of this house and move somewhere where we can be at peace with our animals and have a fresh start. Obviously, with our financial issues we can’t afford anywhere that can accommodate us, and with our luck every time we find a place it gets given to someone else. All we would like to ask is if anyone is willing and able to assist us to raise the funds to sort our lives out. I have requested a little more than what is needed so that I can assist my mom who is also unemployed and struggling financially, yet still does everything she can to assist me whether it be buying electricity or some groceries or having us over for a meal when the food runs out at home.

She is currently taking care of my elder brother who suffers from chronic acute pain and muscle spasms, which sometimes don’t allow him to get out of bed. I am the last person who asks for help because that would mean admitting I need help, but enough is enough and I’ve decided to swallow my pride and ask for help for a better life for my animals and a better life for my family.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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