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I’m looking for funding to get myself out of debt and pay for my college fees.

You’re probably thinking, why take out more credit than you could manage and the reason is because I’ve been oppressed by a dark figure all my life, this figure is my mother.

My parents went through a rough divorce and couldn’t afford to put me through college after high school so I was pushed into the working world right after I finished school. I earned minimum wage and basically just passed by every day. Fast forward to 6 years later, my mother quits her job and refuses to go back to work because she’s trying to ‘start her own business’. I was forced to become the sole provider.

I can’t afford my own place because I don’t have a deposit. My ITC score is terrible and it gets worse every month because I can’t afford to pay off my debt.

My school fees are due and I have no idea how to pay it. I’ve done a few short courses in the last few years, but unfortunately corporates don’t take those seriously.

I’m hoping for a fresh start – clear my debt, move on my own and continue my journey of becoming a registered attorney.

I would greatly appreciate any sort of donations to help pay my debt off and pay for my college fees.

Thank you in advance.

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