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First Edition “Flynn” was born on the 11th of December 2019. Immediately he showed us his larger than life personality and wondrous curiosity for the world around him! A spectacular colt with enormous potential, he stole our hearts in the biggest sense.

Sadly, at only 9 days old his curiosity got him into trouble when he was accidentally kicked by another foal proud mare. We immediately rushed him to the Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty, a 4-hour journey to discover our worst fears-a Salter Harris Type II Fracture of the tibia. Assured that he would be in the hands of one of the best Equine Specialist Surgeons, after a prognosis of a positive athletic outcome with surgery, we gave the go-ahead, paid the deposit and agreed to give Flynn a chance. We took a risk of 20% chance of infection, which is high, but at that point, we could only put our faith in a positive outcome.
He was operated on within 24 hours of his injury and upon receiving the post-op x-rays, we all marveled at the talented work of the surgeon and expected Flynn to be released in around 3-5 days. He was putting full weight on the leg almost immediately after surgery and we were confident that a full recovery was well underway. Provisions were well in place to cover the estimates given for the surgery and hospital stay.
One day 3, we were called with the stressful news that Flynn had spiked a temperature and by day 4, it was clear that he wasn’t coming home! The infection had set in and his system was flooded with a cocktail of the best antibiotics to prevent the infection from becoming systemic. He was no longer able to put weight on the leg at all and to our horror, the infection caused all of his stitches to come out, exposing the surgery site right down to the bone. By some miracle, the vets have managed to date to keep the infection at a point where the fracture repair has not been compromised. But they are having to manage a huge open wound and all its challenges, plus Flynn’s very concerning level of pain.
The surgeon and I have kept very open communication about his outcome and welfare during this process what’s best for him will always come first! Flynn is not out of the woods yet and despite the tricky complications we are facing with him, there are significantly encouraging signs: his x-rays are showing early healing at the fracture site, his blood work remains good and through all this, he’s continued to nurse and has in fact grown and put on 20kgs in the 16 days he’s been in hospital. Best yet, he has not spiked a temperature in 48 hours!
I would love with all my heart to be able to continue to be able to give Flynn the best chance and care, but the costs have far runoff from where we could have imagined. The surgeon is totally invested in this journey with us and is doing his best to keep what he can at a minimum. Today is looking positive for Flynn, but we still have an open journey to travel and I have no idea of how I’m going to come up with the money to complete this for him. Flynn and I need your help.

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