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I am 30 years old and a single mom to the most wonderful little boy. My son Cameron is 6 years old and is in Grade 1. I was diagnosed with a spinal tumour, which has impacted my life in so many ways.

It all started with severe chest and back pain, so much so that my father rushed me to the nearest public hospital. The hospital performed an ECG on my heart thinking it could be a heart attack. The Drs then said that all was fine and the pain was due to stress and anxiety because I was going through a divorce at the time, this seemed like a possibility. The pain continued and after many different Drs appointments, one Dr eventually sent me for chest X-rays and they then discovered a mass in my chest.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford medical aid and had to rely on our public health system to assist me. It’s an extremely gruelling process having tests done at our government facilities.

Eventually, after several referrals and trips back and forth from my home town to various public hospitals, I was sent for a CT scan. By this time, I began to experience weakness in my legs and could no longer balance on my own. I had to start using a walker to assist me to walk.

I was sent from hospital to hospital, week after week. By the time I was transferred to Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria, I was already wheelchair bound. Sadly, I have lost all of my lower-limb function. I was now completely paralysed from the chest, down. I was devastated but, I held on to the hope that all was going to be okay and that they were going to be able to help me.

A Positive mind, a heart keeping the faith and being strong were my only options. All I keep thinking about is that my son needs me, I am the only one he has. What will he do if I die? I have been fighting every day. I started really reading my Bible again and have been trying to build a better relationship with the Lord. I have been praying for Him to heal me, help me, take away my pain. Please Lord, help my son who misses me so much and can’t see me. Help me…

They did a biopsy of the tumour and I was told it wasn’t cancerous. I was so happy and thought this can be fixed and I’m going to live and I’m going to walk. I thought, ‘’I’m going to be okay.’’

After a blessed Christmas, I went back to Steve Biko and heard the devastating news. The tumour was in fact Chordoma a very rare spinal cancer. One in a million people get this. I was shocked and totally taken aback. Then to make matters worse, they told me my tumour was not resect able and they can’t help me. There is nothing they can do for me.

I was then sent to the oncology department at Steve Biko and I went to see yet another doctor. He was very honest and straight forward and said there is nothing they can really do for me. I asked what the life expectancy was and he said in my case, 1 or 2 years, maximum.
I was then sent for four radiation treatments earlier this year. I went for more scans shortly after the radiation and the results showed no improvement. The South African medical community have not been able to assist any further, but I have done my own research on the disease and have found a facility abroad that could assist. Going abroad for treatment is my only hope to live longer.

My life is shattered, my whole world is turned upside down. I try to stay positive but, it’s so hard. I not only lost my ability to walk but, the ability to do many things we take for granted every single day. The simple acts of using the toilet, cooking and bathing myself have become difficult tasks. But the thing I regret the most about my illness is the fact that I can no longer play with son like we used to.

My life has changed so much. From learning to deal with this disease to learning to function in a wheelchair, learning to cope with the excruciating pain and attempting to get up no matter how I feel and learning to rely on people all the time. Some days I want to give up and then I think of my son, Cameron. I can’t leave him. He needs me. I need him.

My son has been so strong through this and prays every day that Jesus will heal me. if I don’t get this treatment I am going to leave my son to live this life alone and that breaks my heart. He has only me, I am his Mom and his best friend. I need all the help I can get and I appreciate any help. I try to be positive and speak life over my situation, even though I have my bad days I fight back and I always beat the depression. I want to live. It’s not my time, I just can’t believe that. I have one wish, only one simple wish and that is to be healed so that I can raise my beautiful boy and just be the most incredible strong mother I can be for him, because he deserves that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and giving me the opportunity to share my journey.

Please help save my life by donating to my cause. Every and any cent is so appreciated

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