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“Someone once told me, don’t leave it a dream, make it a plan.”

My name is Kriske van der Schyff, I am an 18-year-old girl, and I have a passion for horses.

My childhood was not the easiest. I’ve gone through a lot, I never had the best. Some days felt like the storm would never blow over, yet there always seemed to be a little ray of sunshine guiding me. That ray of sunshine is named Maestro. He’s a sturdy beast, standing at 15.3 hands, with a taste for adrenaline.

In the 12 years I’ve been riding, he’s been my rock, for the last decade now. If it was not for my boy, I’m not sure I would’ve ended up being who I am today. He’s not just my horse, he’s my best friend.

The sport we currently partake in is called Western Mounted Games (WMG), a sport, popularly known for its speed and precision. We are currently running to qualify for WMG Nationals, which will be held between late September – early October. Currently, we are riding Opens Level 3 (meaning we compete against all ages, on the second highest level).

I am in dire need, though. Paying for and finding transport to all my qualifiers is a massive obstacle. I need to pay my entry fee (between R300 and R350), I have to hire a horse box (ranges anywhere from R100 to R450), fuel (R400 there and back). I have three more qualifiers remaining until Nationals.

Lastly, I am in desperate need of new tack. I need a western saddle and bridle. I am only in possession of an English saddle and bridle, both over 6 years old.

My goal is to reach R80 000 to cover all my expenses, but I’m definitely not picky. If you have any western tack you are not using, please consider donating it! Doesn’t matter in what condition it is!

Anything is a blessing, and I’d appreciate it so dearly! Thank you for reading.

Our sincerest thanks,

Maestro and Kriske

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