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I want to explore Costa Rica and experience the jungle. I love taking photographs and writing about my travels. Nothing could make me a happier person knowing that people are supporting me into the unknown where I can test myself against all the elements. I plan to volunteer at different places in Costa Rica while doing my own explorations. I will not make too many plans from here, just the first few steps as I love going with the wind, and all I need is the financial support to buy me a plane ticket and some extra credit to sustain myself during the transition.

My passport and ID documentation are all up to date and ready to get the first stamp towards a life I’ve been waiting patiently for.

My aim is to merge myself with the climate and meet fellow like-minded explorers to establish connections for life with people who aren’t afraid of roughing it up for a story to share and experience. Exploration runs deep in my family roots and I know its time I follow suit.

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