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My Name is Tanya Rouillon, I am the youngest sibling of 5 children. And ever since I was a little girl, my only dream was that my mom would live “a normal life”. Growing up my Mom would be in hospital for 6 months at a time, where I only got to see her during visiting times. So, you can just imagine, a little girl of 9 years old having to go see her mom in hospital, sick and fighting for her life.

My mom suffers with a condition called chronic leg ulcers and if you asked me what that is I would tell you from firsthand experience, it’s having to live with open wounds on your legs that causes constant excruciating pain every day, all day. It’s lying-in bed refusing to stand up, crying and begging for it to stop. It’s doctor after doctor, with no luck guaranteed.

My mom also suffers with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) or Lupus as I know it. It causes joint pain, fever, skin rashes and organ failure and in some cases hair loss. On top of that all she is an anemic, meaning she has a low count of red blood cells in her body. As your red blood cells carries oxygen throughout your body. She also suffers with her thyroid. Thyroid is known to make hormones in your body to keep your body functioning normally.

So, as you can tell my mom is very Ill and her life has been stolen from her by these diseases. Today 24-years later, she is still fighting, wanting to live! She is currently in Sunninghill Hospital, which specializes in wound care. She’s in the high-care facility, her body is weak and poisoned by her ulcers. The poison is spreading and it’s damaging her organs. She is on blood transfusions, drips, oxygen and strong antibiotics.

The money being raised will go towards a down payment on her medical expenses as she will need skin grafts. But the doctors are positive that they can help my mom have the “normal life” as she has always dreamed of. It will be another long journey, But I know my mom. She is a fighter, and a fighter she is!

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