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My name is Shannon Bradish and this is my little baby boy, Brian. He was born on the 11 June 2018 and has had what we thought was reflux attacks since birth. I took him to our paediatrician shortly after his birth for his check up and he was immediately admitted to hospital. They did X-rays and we were told it is reflux and a form of colic and we should change his milk until we find one suitable for him.

Weeks went by and he was on different formulas but the attacks only got worse and he was also not picking up weight and we had to weigh him regularly.

Recently, the attacks got more frequent and also went on for longer durations. I went back to our pediatrician and he said baby was not reaching his milestones and needs to do an EEG.

They picked up abnormal patterns in his brain and we were sent to the hospital to do a MRI scan. The results truly shocked us.

Our little angel baby has been diagnosed with Bilateral polymicrogyria and Epilepsy. He is blind and the doctor said he will never be able to function normally. The chances of him walking, talking or even eating properly are very rare 🙁

He is currently on Lethyl and Sedabarb 30mg to prevent the Epilepsy seizures and to prevent him from developing west syndrome.

Our medical bills are extremely high and baby will be needing speech and development therapy soon which we cannot afford.

Please help us raise funds for Baby Brian to make sure he gets the help and support he needs.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity.


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