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Dear friends,


As part of the Bahale Group Community project, I, Ingrid, am writing this letter to request donations that will go towards facilitating change in our disadvantaged school for slow learners.

The aim of this community project is to bring about a positive, yet sustainable difference in the condition of the school, as well as the attitude of the learners. As many knows, a school is a place for students to feel safe, but learn to take care of themselves as well. Special needs school offers much more than that. It is an environment for students to feel normal, and be accepted for who they are and the way they are. A place for them to feel loved. However, it is unfortunate, that the school is in a terrible condition, one where learning is not conducive.

As a group, a decision has been made aiming at targeting the main needs of the school namely:

1. Insulation, due to the condition of the daycare centre, the cold weather poses a threat with regards to the health of the learners.

2. Lack of diapers, because some of the learners have such severe disabilities that they have no control over bodily functions.

3. Walls are dilapidated.

4. No heaters and a lack of blankets.

5. Electric supply is a problem.

6. Stationery and toys for the learners.

7. A need for wheelchairs

There are other needs, but these have been identified as being critical. These donations regardless of how little it may seem will be greatly appreciated because to us, the little will go a long way in making a big difference in the lives of these learners.

Thanking you in advance for your contributions.

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