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Imagine your 14 year old daughter, coming to tell you that she was raped by her brother???. Imagine her telling you that she has a witness, but the witness, turns out to be her other rapist ???


I’m the mother of a 14 year old daughter, who was raped by my husband’s 17 year old son from a previous marriage. He grew up in foster care & was placed with us in 2010. Our daughter’s silent ordeal began when she was 8 years old & she broke her silence last year May 2017. Not only did he rape her, he forced my cousin’s son, at knifepoint, to rape her as well. My cousin’s son confirmed this after a horrific, descriptive 511 message conversation, on WhatsApp messenger. That day, my world as I knew it fell apart. As he explained the disgusting details, I ran to the bathroom… She was 9 years old then, as he told me that he was about 11 or 12 then. My heart broke into a million pieces.


We are currently in the middle of a Court case. Our family is going through a nightmare, which is causing us to fall apart emotionally, psychologically & Financially. All of us, are receiving counseling. Lots of unforeseen expenses came into existence, due to our family’s situation. My husband’s son was harassing & intimidating our family. So, our daughter the victim was forced to transfer to a new school. This means more transport expenses. I frantically had to contact the department of education, to assist us, in getting her to another school, as my husband’s son, went near her school to create a panic amongst her friends. She & our other daughter were scared out of their minds, as he was tormenting our family. He would come near our house, knowing that he was not allowed. He blatantly failed to adhere to his bail conditions,.

Then I approached the court for a protection order. I received a provisional one, but he refused even then, to adhere to the conditions. We now have a permanent protection order plus a warrant of arrest. Thankfully, he has not been near our house since. Our daughter’s new school is extremely supportive & they are aware of our situation.


Getting by on a daily basis is a struggle. Basic needs, we are battling to afford eg. Food, electricity, transport expenses, mortgage payments, etc. My husband is the sole breadwinner because I have a heart condition. I had a mild heart attack a few weeks back. I’m suffering from depression, anxiety, and insomnia, which I’m being treated for. Both our daughters & I have had suicidal thoughts, but we are each other’s support system.

We have put our trust in God, to pull us through this ordeal. Only a few people know about our family’s situation. I’m having surgery done on my hand on February 14th too, to repair a nerve problem. This will also have a huge effect on our already traumatized family. We have 3 children, who are scared, confused & worried. We are living in isolation to protect our family. Most of our family is unaware of what we are going through. As another family member is involved in this painful nightmare, we can’t even try to approach our family. We can’t deal with any painful questions or be judged for this, which we had absolutely no knowledge of.

Our family is hurting. We are trying to come to terms with the aftermath of our family’s nightmare. Thank you / Shukran for not being judgmental. Please keep our family in your prayers/ duahs. Please/ kanallah, help our family in our time of need & despair. I’m a heartbroken mother, trying to repair our family’s dignity & sense of despair.

We are appealing to anyone who can assist our family, to alleviate our financial circumstances.

You are in our prayers. May God bless you abundantly.


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