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I’m writing out my Birthday wish list in hopes that strangers will be my angels to make my dreams come true.

My name is Ilze Stoltz and I will be 54 years old next week, 28th June.

I have lived a very difficult life, in 1984 my mom died and I also lost my dad soon after to another woman. It left me heartbroken and rejected, having nowhere to go I found myself traveling across South Africa looking for a place I could call home.

I’m not looking for pity because those 10 years of wandering around brought me to the home I now have for the past 24 years. I never begged and worked hard cleaning homes for our plate of food. Ive embraced my sufferings and endured many obstacles throughout the years. I learnt from many and I don’t take things for granted. I appreciate all that I get and value it.

By not having a South African education, my salary had always been very low. Surviving from one pay check to another and yet finding that each month took longer to come by. I never stayed long at a Job due to health issues and being misdiagnosed led me to extremely agonizing pain.

Now that I’m approaching 54, fighting Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, High Blood, GBS and severe Osteo-Arthritis throughout by whole body that limits me doing things. These health issues have robbed me on my health, career, friendships and has changed me and I miss the old me. I’ve had no boyfriends, family or help from others, I raised up my 30 year old son on my own. He is my pride and joy, and he now takes care of me.

God has shown me that I have not because I ask not, therefore, I’m asking for a few things and hope that generous strangers will open their hearts and be the extension of God’s arms to me. I want what’s left of my life to mean something, I don’t want to just exist and waste my time left earth.

I want to be The Queen of Hugs, to be dressed like a queen full of sparkles, visiting Children’s Hospitals and Orphanages’, giving them hugs and letting them know that they of great worth. It hurts me to see how broken some children are and I want to hug them to make them feel better.

My Birthday Wish List.
Goal: R25000.

• Queens Dress about R1000

• Gift Box for each child (Colouring Books and crayons, toy and toothbrush, face cloth etc) approx R50 per box.

• Money for Uber to get me there and bring me back.

• Full Body MRI Scam, that will cost about R11000

Would you like to journey with me and make my dreams come true?

Thanking you in advance for any donations.

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