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I relocated to Qatar almost 6 years ago with my family. It was a fairly good life until 2 years 4 months into our stay. I was subjected to sexual harassment at work and because I chose to speak up, I was terminated without cause. Unfortunately, you have NO recourse and Humans Rights Committee basically told me that I have no rights. I was stuck in a country, with a bank loan that I had taken in order to relocate my family. I couldn’t leave, my husband was earning enough to take care of ABSOLUTE essentials. We sent our boys back to South Africa to live with family.

Despite all the fear, stress and uncertainty, we were able to survive. Almost a year ago, after resolving my bank loan issue I was forced to return to SA and approximately 3 months ago my husband returned too. He had found a new job and was due to return to Qatar, however, his new sponsor let him down and he hasn’t been able to return as yet. These issues WE created by the choices we made BUT the biggest victim of our choices have been my Furbaby Noonoo. Noonoo is actually a male Persian but he is so beautiful and kind natured that I have always referred to him as ‘she’. Noonoo has been the biggest source of comfort through ALL the drama in our lives since we adopted her in Qatar, 3 and half years ago. She is our baby, and our lives and our hearts have a massive hole without her. She is STILL stuck in Qatar simply because I cannot afford to bring her back immediately. The cost to relocate her is around $1200 and despite starting a new job recently, I don’t have the funds to bring her back ASAP.

She is with a responsible cat lover in Doha but I stress every single day because my baby MUST be wondering where did we all go and leave her behind.? I don’t expect many people to understand the bond between a furbaby and their human but to anyone who has that bond, you know how it rips your heart to not have them with you. I know that in perhaps 3 to 4 months I will probably be able to save enough to bring her back, but that 3 to 4 months feels like years.

I just need my baby back. I can’t imagine her being stuck there for 1 more week let alone months. In the hopes that we can find the funds to bring her home, we managed to pay for her inoculations and set the process in motion for her documentation so that as soon as we are able to resolve the financial issue, she could travel almost immediately. I just need to bring my baby home.


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