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Founded in 2015 by the dedicated Imelda Hendry Hetta Januarie, also known as Bring Back Hope, her organization has embarked on an incredible journey to make a profound difference in the lives of special needs children and the wider community. Ms. Januarie’s unwavering commitment has been the driving force behind her mission, inspiring and uplifting countless lives.

In August 2016, Bringing Back Hope proudly received its NPO certificate, a testament to Ms. Januarie’s enduring dedication. Her journey, however, began over 15 years ago when she first took on the role of a teacher at Kuruman Christian Academy, now known as Sediba Academy. For six years, from 2009 to 2015, she nurtured and supported special needs children, laying the foundation for her lifelong commitment.

Beyond the classroom, Ms. Januarie sought opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills. Her journey led her to Cape Town, where she studied under the guidance of Annalize van Rijswyk and Carol Vikos at SNAP. She also collaborated with organizations like Wings of Life in Johannesburg – Vanderbilpark and partnered with Autism South Africa, further enhancing her ability to serve these children.

Education played a pivotal role in Ms. Januarie’s journey. She pursued studies at Unisa, focusing on the Foundation phase. Her dedication culminated in her becoming a qualified special needs tutor and an Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioner.

In 2021 Ms. Januarie initiated a community youth program and an outreach program in Wrenchville, expanding Bringing Back Hope’s reach beyond special needs children. These programs had an immediate and significant impact, connecting the community’s children to their surroundings. They actively engaged with individuals of all ages at the local dumping site, providing meals to nearly 30 people. This experience opened the children’s eyes to the world around them, igniting a desire to continue making a difference in their communities.

Ms. Januarie’s journey also led her to work with street children in 2005, where she started as a facilitator and eventually became program manager. Her commitment extended to her personal life, as evidenced by her decision to take in a young boy under her care in November 2021, with the intention of adopting him. Her actions speak volumes about her belief that children are the future, and investing in them is the key to hope for future generations.

In conclusion, the “Bringing Back Hope Centre”, as embodied by the journey of Imelda Hendry Hetta Januarie, stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion and compassion. It is a story of unwavering dedication to improving the lives of special needs children and the broader community. As Bringing Back Hope continues to thrive and expand its reach, it serves as an inspiring example of the positive impact one person can have when driven by a deep-seated commitment to others.

Join us in helping Bringing Back Hope and those who are excluded from society. Your support makes a difference!

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