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Dear Family and Friends

Through a series of dreams 36 years ago, God showed me that I would one day join a ministry ship. At the time, I didn’t know ministry ships existed, and when I did eventually find out about them, I prayed and fasted and asked God if I should go, and He very clearly, said ‘no’. So I shelved my dream, and waited….. In the interim, God healed my life and matured me.

Two years ago, after wrestling with God one more time about the dream, I decided it was time to let it go. Only to find, almost immediately, through a chance encounter with a friend, and the subsequent meeting with the Operation Mobilisation leadership in Durban, South Africa, that God was now saying ‘yes’, and that He now wanted me to go.

After having prayed about this substantially, and discussed this with the elders of my Church, my family, and my friends, there is sufficient confirmation for me to confidently say that God is calling me to go, and to fulfill the dream, and the mission, that God laid on my heart so many years ago.

Operation Mobilisation
I will be sent out under the covering of the ‘Glenridge Church’, and work under the Operation Mobilisation umbrella. I will start my ‘Mission Discipleship Training’ (MDT) on February 2018, for five months and all going well, I will be Joining 450 volunteers from 65 nations on the Logos Hope Ministry Ship for two years from Sept 2018 to Sept 2020.

The Logos Hope Ministry Ship Vision and Purpose is...

To bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world

Knowledge – Supplying vital literature – Carrying a stock of half a million books. In total, over 40 million visitors have come on board to purchase books from a wide range of subjects.

Help – Providing practical aid and relief work, as an expression of God’s love and concern for people in needy countries visited by our ships. They distribute medical aid, clothing or food supplies, help to renovate clinics and orphanages, and construction projects.

Hope – The Logos Hope community live and work together on board as a practical outworking of their belief in God. Each individual has a personal, living faith, stemming from a restored relationship with God, through

Jesus Christ, which gives hope, meaning and focus to his or her life. They desire to share this message of hope in the ports that they visit. This is done with the greatest respect for, and sensitivity towards the culture of the community hosting the ship.


How you can help:
I am actively looking for a sending team who will keep me effective as I move from the corporate Financial Planning space into a radically Frontline service ministry

There are various ways in which you can get involved:
PRAY – For me and the many other OM volunteers on the front line of ministry

  • GIVE – As a volunteer in missions, and on the Logos Hope Ministry ship, from the Captain to the decky, we all need to raise our own support.

Please, will you prayerfully consider partnering with me, financial support can be given via a once-off donation or on a monthly basis.

Support amount required R12 500pm, for the next 3 year.

Your support today will help me fund living costs, both on the ship and back home, and will go a long way in keeping me on the field.

In closing, a quote from the book “Scaling The Wall” by Kathy Hicks, that reflects my heart….

‘I give You, my love, imperfect and incomplete
I give You myself – your daughter, Your co-heir, Your bride.
I lay before your feet, I open my hands and say….
Here I am Lord, I have heard your call, send me’.

Much love, in His service

Rosemary Rheeders
OM Ambassador

“…And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15


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