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I started dating a woman that came out of a marriage where her husband cheated on her and she caught him out after 2 years and 4 months. We started dating after her divorce and after almost 5 months together, overnight everything went wrong. She didn’t want to face me, see me or speak to me. After a couple of emotional weeks, a female friend of mine introduced me to another woman that went through the same scenario. Her husband also cheated on her, she got divorced, started dating another guy that was good to her and told her amazing things about her and after about 5 months the same thing happened.

All the good and beautiful just got too much and the pain of the broken vows of her ex-husband was just too much to bear. She could not see or speak to the guy. He was also left in the dark. She had medical and money and got help and it took her almost a year to believe in herself again. I started asking around and found a woman who did not seek help have been single for years because they did not get help and cannot afford to get help. I met a lot of woman out there that got help, but the guy that they were with did not know what was going on or what to do and they lost out with amazing people they met that just moved on.

This is hurting deeply in my soul and I feel the need to raise funds to try and help some of these women to be able to believe in themselves again and to have a normal love life without fear or unplaced guilt.

I also want to inform men that are in a relationship problem due to another man’s sins, what is going on in the woman’s head that he fell in love with and what his choices are.


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