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I am a married woman with four beautiful children. Everything was going well until 2015 when I was retrenched. It was devastating on our household as suddenly we had to take out extra loans, etc to keep our heads above water.

I decided to start sewing at home as an extra income to help relieve the burden. It has in fact never quite been enough.

We struggle from day to day to just get by. Now with the new school year fast approaching, we don’t even know how we are going to afford to buy uniforms and school supplies.

We are desperate as we don’t know which way to turn. I have looked for work, but to no avail.

My son is also very good at rugby and gets chosen for the rugby tour every year. That in itself costs a lot of money. Then I am not even talking about my daughter’s matric year starting.

I plead with you to see your way to help in any way you can.


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