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My friend (desperate mom) has 3 minors in the house. She works shifts and does not get any financial help. She doesn’t have a vehicle and in general battles on a day to day basis. Her second eldest child is a drug addict. The child dropped out of school and disappears on drug binges. She has been in government facilities before and comes out worse than ever. The waiting list for government help is up to a year. This problem child has created huge financial difficulties.

The current situation is so bad that if we don’t raise R12 000.00 by the 17.01.18, this family will be on the streets. Rent is behind and debt has been made, because of the situation this mom finds herself in.

The reason I’m appealing to the public and friends to help is, because of the immediate financial situation and that this mom needs to get her child into a rehab facility for at least a year. She also wants to get her child back into the education system. The child is 17 with a grade 7.

Her drug abuse puts her in dangerous situations on a daily basis. My friend has given up on her child and on herself. Her situation is desperate and she is ready to throw the towel in. Sadly, there are 2 younger kids who need their mom.

Any support is welcome. Due to the family’s need for privacy and to maintain their dignity I won’t be posting pictures. Any help would be a great blessing for them. Your kindness will change their lives and keep them safe.


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