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I am Desperately trying to help my parents. My father is a songwriter and has worked for himself all his life. Both my parents are pensioners, and my father still works as he cannot afford to retire. 9 months ago the work started slowing down tremendously and my parents battled financially and lost almost everything they owned. There are days that they don’t eat at all, because they do not have money to buy food. Work is now slowly starting to come in again. They felt so blessed, but as luck would have it their only reliable bakkie that my dad use for work is broken.

We managed to pull the motor out, but we don’t have the finances to get it engineered and rebuilt so that he can use it. It’s an oldish bakkie, but reliable when it runs. My parents have been through so much. I recently went through a terrible divorce and financially I cannot help them. Mr. Greeff has offered us all the parts at cost price but even at the lower prices, they cannot afford it. My parents are good people and worked hard their whole lives and it kills me to have to see them going through all these hardships.

Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated to help them get back on their feet again.


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