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My name is Kgabo Chokoe, I did my 3rd year in Bsc Eng Electrical and Information in 2013. Due to financial difficulties, I was excluded that year and did not get my results. In 2014, I tried getting a job with the University and externally with the aim of paying my debt and continuing with my studies, but luck was not on my side.

In 2015 I got an internship, which paid me a stipend of R3000 for the first 3 months and R5000 for another 3 months. The challenge this year became the fact that I had to pay my younger sisters fees as she was still at varsity and both our parents were not earning much. Unfortunately, in November of that year we lost our father, which meant that the weight of taking care of the family increased and the little jobs I got along the way helped at home. I did not have any money to spare for the fees.

Every year since I left school, I would go to the campus just to check if I can’t go back to school (hoping for a miracle really). In 2017 around July, I went to campus and found that my debt were referred to lawyers as such the account reflected as R0.0, which meant I could get my academic record. After that I re-applied and was accepted. I thought all should be well when I register. My dream of finishing the course seemed to be fading away again(so near yet so far) when I was told that I could not register until I pay the entire amount I owed.

The debt has escalated from about R23000 to R41040.56 due to 4 years worth of interest.
I am pleading to anyone that can help to please, please, please help so I can at least register on the 31st of Jan 2018 or at least do a late registration two weeks into the new semester.


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