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I am raising funds to establish an outsourcing company that will employ mostly refugees in South Africa.

I went to the university to be informed, to be trained, to be transformed, and in return transform the environment within which I live. After my degree, I decided to be among those who are finding solutions to the socioeconomic and political issues in the world.

Living in a foreign and cosmopolitan country, I came across different nationalities facing different issues due to their skin color, identities, or social or financial situation, especially those who fled their countries to find refuge in a foreign land.

Many of those (refugees) are undervalued in spite of their education and qualifications, or simply find themselves restricted to accessing or exercise some of the jobs because of certain immigration laws.

Life is challenging, they’re forced to change fields to be able to earn a little and carry on with life.

Our languages are our identity. Wherever we go, we go with them. They can also be used as a product/service to sell, a source of income in a land where the need for use rises.

Creating a company that will use the available and qualified but ignored labor to provide outsourced services to companies abroad in western countries and in Africa is what I want.

Your contribution towards the design of the website, the writing of the business plan, the business pitch, and the operating cost for the first 4 months will allow me to start operating and provide jobs to our fellow brothers and sisters to resolve the socioeconomic issues which will impact positively their immigration situations.

I sincerely thank you and assure you that your contribution will change the life of a person or a family in need of decent work

Kind regards,


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