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Greetings my name is Davie, I am 19 years old born and raised in South Africa. Being raised by a single mother with my three other siblings I have always given myself the pressure of being successful at a very young age to be of help to my mother. Growing up I have always had a passion for becoming a chef and building a massive culinary empire that will be mostly centered on helping as many young people as possible by teaching them cooking skills, by teaching them about the business side of owning a restaurant, marketing skills and many more skills not limited to cooking only but resonating around the culinary industry.

I partnered with my brothers that share the same vision as me and opened a bakery named Guilty Essentials to start embarking on this journey of creating local youth employment.
We started a fundraiser hoping that we might get funds that will assist with helping to expand our business by buying more stock that will assist us in being able to hire more unemployed young people that will work in the bakery, the funds will also help with paying for the web domain, buying certain essential cooking utensils that are extremely needed when baking to produce an excellent product, paying off the electricity expenses etc.

This business is of utmost importance to us because not only will it be beneficial to us but it will also be helping out a lot of unemployed youthful people that have difficulties either going to school or even finding employment. I would like to give thanks to potential donors that will be assisting in the growth and in expanding our business which will be of help to many others.

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