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Hi there. My name is Johannes Coetzer. After a hard and long time during lockdown, and after, I have struggled to find proper employment. I have recently had the good fortune of finding a decent paying job overseas, a job that will allow me to provide for my family once more.

The thing is, in order to start working, I need to: a) pass a somewhat expensive medical examination, b) obtain police clearance, and c) pay the one-way ticket to join the ship/vessel. I know that what I am asking is a lot, but this really my only chance to help my family, raise my kids properly, provide for people who need the little extra help. These are all things that I could accomplish if you can find it in your heart to help me/us.

Please I just need to pass this one last hurdle. The breakdown looks a little like this: Police Clearance: R250, Medical: R6-7000, and then the flight expenses. Which I am unsure of. Contributing to a cause, is not always easy. Finding the right person to assist, is difficult. Who needs it most, who does not, and who is taking a chance, those are all good and fair questions. But I implore you, please look at the information that I have provided here and see that this a sincere call for anyone out there to assist. A penny, a dollar, a rand. Every cent will make a difference.

Help me be the difference in my family’s lives. I will gladly provide any additional information that you may require. Ask and I will share. But please consider.

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