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Imagine opening a box of ‘Astros’ and to your surprise, the box is filled with “Skittles”. And no matter how hard you try to motivate the fact that they are “Skittles”, everyone around you is adamant that they are ‘Astros’ based on the packaging. So, are they ‘Astros’ or ‘Skittles’? Does the outside appearance of something override the content?

This is the daily struggle which I am faced with. I am a 25-year-old Transman, based in Johannesburg South Africa, where Transgender resources are few and far between. Since early childhood, I’ve known that I was a boy and obviously I carried myself in the appropriate manner. However, once puberty struck, I was faced with countless problems, some of which I could not even begin to fathom at the time. Puberty came and like a hurricane, she took all that I had, my pride, my confidence, my hopes, and aspirations. She left me naked to a world that would neither understand nor hear my plea. Through the years I have managed to take a step at a time in the right direction, leading me to where I am today. I’ve come out as transgender to all those dear to me and received only positive responses, a wish I couldn’t be more grateful for.

Unfortunately, I am in a situation that does not allow me to fund surgery and the lack of resources does not help very much either. I am hoping that by using this platform I am able to finally be the man I was born to be. Any funds received will be highly appreciated and any funds that remain after my surgery will go towards an NGO that aims to provide monetary support to Transgender teenagers and adolescents in South Africa that is being set up by myself.

We are worth the effort, help fight dysphoria, hear our plea…

‘The guy who was born a girl and has to prove to himself daily that he is man enough for this world’…



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