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All my life I’ve had a deep love for all animals, but I’ve seen most of these beautiful souls be abused & neglected. It really broke my heart that because of finance I was held me back from giving these angels a second chance to live and have the best life possible. I wish I could raise awareness & educate people and make them understand that all living beings are equal but unfortunately posting articles or making a booklet costs money.

4 years ago, I was placed in a sad situation I found a sick, stray cat and I knew for sure the SPCA would put her down. I reached out to my community for funds, but most people did not help. Most people said you want her you need to take care of her. This broke my heart because she did not ask to be in this horrible situation. A year later I was put in a sadder situation I found a weak extremely sick kitten she was 6 weeks old and was literally close to death. She was lying in a crate at the mall in a busy parking lot. I knew if I didn’t get her to the vet immediately, she would die. Unfortunately, no rescue team or vets had a place to keep her because of so many strays in my community already all rescue centers were already full. I knew again she would be put down at the SPCA. When I took her to the vet, I thought she would be treated and at time she could recover.

Unfortunately, no medication was helping her recovery. I ended up taking her to another vet and it was difficult financially for me. I was not going to let go of this sweet, beautiful soul I again reached out to my community for funding again most people didn’t care, they do not understand how much time & money goes into rescuing. My mum given me a gold ring that my dad gifted her 45years ago on their wedding day I had to sell it in order to continue providing health care, food and homecare treatments for this sweet kitten.  As sad as it was to sell this remembrance from my mum I knew I would be a million times sadder if anything happen to this beautiful soul. I had to sell other items as well in order to keep her. My brother and I always used to donate to the rescue centers when we could but after I rescued my first kitten I empathized understood even more about the mental, emotional & physical strength that fosters & rescues are faced with and most importantly that finance plays the biggest part of giving these sweet beautiful souls a second life after I myself went through it.

I also realized by talking to some of my community members that they never understood the suffering of these fur babies until I brought it up as well as the importance of TNR to strays or their own. It is the sad truth that most people really don’t care about these angels and will not bother to neuter or spay them. As sad as it is, in the end only the kindhearted people with compassion will be affected emotionally with the suffering of these angels.

In order to help and give these beautiful souls a second chance as rescues we need finance for food, vet, carriers, traps, safe enclosures to quarantine them and a comfortable place to sleep as well as funding for transportation and fuel cost not all rescues have finance though they want to rescue and do good for these angels.

I realized this is my last hope in raising funds and asking kind caring people to help support and help give these amazing angels a second chance. I never once reached out to an organization online and I honestly don’t know if this will reach anyone but with all my heart, I pray it does for the sake of these beautiful fur babies that whole heartedly deserve the best life possible

If my story reaches anyone, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even if I bring awareness to one person or rescue 1 life, I will be so grateful to you. As I live in a country where some kind humble people want to help but poverty prevents them from fostering or recuing. This will help with finding amazing home full of love for these fur babies and help with rehabilitation cost and most definitely help rescues and fosters to purchase enclosures and save more lives in the future.


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