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After being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 2b “bulky disease” I started chemotherapy in January of 2022. I was told in April after my PET/CT scan that the ABVD chemotherapy (first line) was not working and that disease progression was noted (the chemo was not working fast enough to kill off the cancer cells).

I have since then been put on GDP chemotherapy (second line) and it worked to shrink the mediastinal tumour in my chest and the lymph nodes in my neck.I went for my 3rd PET/CT scan on the 13th of September and it now shows that there are other lymph nodes with new activity. In other words, the cancer is spreading to other lymph nodes as well. Disease progression is still being noted.

And this is after 8 long months of chemotherapy. There is one more treatment option available for me. This consists of two other chemotherapy drugs that have to be used together. One of these drugs can be supplied by the Department of Health but unfortunately, the other one is too expensive to be provided by our healthcare system.

The cost involved would be just over R110 000.00 per cycle. The Doctors said that I should at least have 6 cycles of this (3rd line) chemotherapy.

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