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Imagine battling cancer since 2005? Not once, twice or three times but 4 four. This is the challenge that has faced my mother since I was just a year old, now I am a grown adult of 18. Having beaten cancer 3 times, we thought she would conquer this easily.

This time has been different, more aggressive, life threatening and most scary of all fast developing. The previous 3 times, 2005,2012 and 2017, the cancer was slow developing but this time it has come back for the kill. Only having had surgery 3 months ago new tumours have already appeared. It became apparent to the doctors treating my mother that regular chemotherapy would not be effective.

Something more aggressive needed to be used – Nuclear Radiation Therapy. This is an aggressive form of cancer treatment in which radiation is used to kill cancer cells. It has a high success rate with patients only developing cancer 10+ years after the first treatment. As the first course of action, we appealed to her medical insurance, which denied the treatment (attachment of letter below). Now we have to find other ways to fund her treatment as we cannot afford it.

Each nuclear treatment ranges from R60 000- R100 000, of which my mother would need 4 to 6 of. As the breadwinner of the household, she would leave behind 4 broken-hearted children, who depend on her emotionally and financially.

Any donation would be helpful as it keeps our mother from slipping away from us. The light from our lives will be lost, leaving only darkness.

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