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No crime, no more time. It is difficult to describe the feeling when you get a frantic call from your son’s partner to say that he has been arrested in Thailand because his visa has expired. Thousands of miles away your first emotions are panic and a feeling of total helplessness. But compared to many others languishing in Thailand’s IDC’s (immigration detention centers)  my family was fortunate. Although imprisoned for 3 weeks already he has been able to pay his fine and secure a ticket home. We hope to have him in our arms soon. For many whose only crime is escaping a war-torn country to find safety and work to support their families, incarceration in the IDCs in Bangkok will be indefinite due to a lack of funds.

My son has listened to grown men cry and tried to console a 14-year-old who sobbed throughout the night. For these unfortunate Burmese their stay will be a very long one. My son is appealing to you all to click and donate. He cannot in all good conscience leave behind good, law-abiding people to suffer when their only “crime” is an expired visa. I have started this fundraiser on my son’s behalf to send people he has come to know and respect back to their home country. Please open your hearts and donate the funds necessary to assist the Burmese people trapped in the IDCs in Bangkok to go home to their families.

Any amount no matter how small will be appreciated.


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