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Getting straight down to the brass tax, the purpose of this campaign is to help children and less fortunate young adults learn a variety of skills through the use of technology, in this modern era we all need to interact with computers, smartphones, even smart TV’s, these have become important not only in our personal lives but in the world of work as well. The reason why this campaign aims for “Development Through Gaming” is because it is a fun and “effortless” way in which we learn without conscientiously realizing it.

An example of this is learning about history in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, not only does it show you what it looked like in the Vatican in 1506, but who the leaders were and the major events that occurred in that period. The inventor Leonardo Da Vinci is also present, showcasing his inventions and informing the player of his life.

A second example is Rocket League, this is a fast-paced game that the player must use various combinations of maneuvers, quick thinking, and communication to score goals against the opponents, it requires communication amongst teammates, coordination as well as a good sense of geometry in order to score and pass.

A third example is Cut The Rope, a mobile device game that has many challenges for the player, puzzles and well as quick thinking moments where the player has to make strategic decisions in order to successfully complete each challenge.

With the funds gained from this campaign, we hope to improve the technology available to the youth, to host tournaments with will award prizes, this acts as a motivation and creates a willingness to participate. Creating friendships, building confidence and empowering the youth through technology is our way of helping personal development and growth. There are too many children who feel lost and alone and through gaming, players can connect and relate, I know of a gaming group that has members in 9 different countries who play together, they have conversations, make jokes, share stories and they also share information about each other to create a more personal bond.

The funds will be used to acquire the necessary devices and components needed this includes;

– Hardware Components (Computers, screens, mice and keyboards, controllers etc)
– Program software (Microsoft Office, Windows, Britannica Encyclopedia)
– Strategy, Quick thinking games and Educational Games (Age of Empires etc)
– A venue to host the sessions, supply refreshments and to accommodate
– Prizes, fun days. These include the families and friends join in as well and share in the activities


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