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In July 2023, My academic funding was revoked due to fraud and I wasn’t made aware of it by my institution or financial aid provider, To complicate matters further, I learned that to register for the upcoming semester and new academic year, I must sign an Acknowledgment of Debt form. However, to do that I need to cover 50% of my outstanding fees upfront for the form to be processed and the rest in monthly fees(which I have no problem covering throughout the year using the pay from my part-time job), however, the financial strain intensifies as I cannot afford this upfront payment.

I’ve already tried every avenue of funding possible so far and I cannot get a student loan as someone needs for sign for capital in South Africa which my father cannot do since he is unemployed and relies solely on odd jobs for the family’s survival.

For background information, I am enrolled at the University of Johannesburg studying towards a digital marketing film writing and journalism degree any help would be appreciated Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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