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My name is Simba Gavu, I am a hearing and a Founder of Inter Deaf and Deafened Empowerment Organization. This organization has been operating in vain for too long due to a lack of funding and I feel it is high time to take it to another level.

It is a passion-driven action, the one that keeps me awake while others sleep. To be deaf and disabled is not their choice. I feel convicted most to see them being mistreated as if they do not belong. They are family, relatives, friends, and part of the community let’s not keep them down but support them. You and I must get together to build, and shape their world, give them hope as we are desperately in need of it too. They so wish to participate in building their country`s economy, to have their voices heard just as you wanted yours too. Let’s extend our hands in welcoming them to participate in everything we do. They need employment they wish to be doctors and nurses, drivers, pilots, politicians, technicians, teachers, bankers, business people as well as work at the front desk too. Let us bridge the gap by learning their language and culture. Sign Language must be included as one of the basic language subjects among other languages in schools internationally.

A call to action for Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Churches and Ministries, Business People, NGOs, and Donors.

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