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Good day to you.I am a female citizen of South Africa living in Cape Town. I am reaching out to the public worldwide as an individual for funding.This is something i hold very close to my heart.

My passion and dream is to start a female only cab service which is much needed in our country and for those from abroad who visit or work in our Mother City. In order for me to offer the service which is aimed at the needs of women, young or old to be able to have peace of mind and travel stress free and safely with a female driver…and to eliminate the kidnappings, robberies, abuse and harassments that our female passengers of all ages endure from time to time from male taxi drivers.

I need a reliable car, fuel for at least a month, gps 360 degree cameras fitted for the client’s safety, tracking device, anti theft device, alarm system, an app, have the car licensed, pay for passenger liability insurance, normal car insurance for a month or two, pay to register the business, pay for business name signage for the car, pay for a website and domain, buy a payment card machine, buy pepper spray or tazer or both for protection and a radio.

Would it be possible for you as a community / the public to assist me financially please…any donation towards my financial goal, big or small will be much appreciated.

By starting the business, i would generate an income for myself as i am unemployed, but a bit over the age to be employed. Hence the reason for me wanting to start a business to sustain myself financially. My husband who was a Rhodesian Army Veteran and our soul provider passed away on the 24/11/2022 due to cancer.

By starting the business, i would also be creating a job opportunity for a female driver whom i will employ to offer the service.

(PS) I hope the donations/funds that i am asking for, will be sufficient for everything pertaining to start a cab business.

The amount required is R201,400.00 please, which will be much appreciated.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each person in advance for taking the time to read my story and for your generous contributions,which will make the world of difference to our female citizens and clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

Sending love and light your way.


Kind Regards.


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