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Denise is my granddaughter she is 2 years old.

She was born prematurely at 34 weeks after her mother had a difficult pregnancy while struggling with a specific pregnancy called Pre-eclampsia. This is where the pregnancy causes the expecting mother’s blood pressure to be evaluated to very dangerous level. This is both a danger to mother and the unborn baby. Due to the blood pressure elevations. Denise was born early and spent several weeks in the Neonatal ICU. Being a premature infant has many challenges which Denise has overcome; however,  these were not without complications. Denise has a notable weakness of the right side of her body, with her arm being more affected than her leg. This has been making it difficult for her to run and play as a normal 2-year-olds would. I did take her to the state supported care and therapy and she has been doing well, we would however need to perform an imaging study of her brain called an MRI. This is a very highly specialized Xray that will show us very clear images of her brain and highlight areas that were damaged.

Through this we will have a better idea of the cause of her right sided weakness.

Ongoing costly therapy is essential to Denise so that she may reach her optimal potential.

Despite this limitation, Denise is a lovely and active little lady.

The money raised will go towards her Scan and any Therapy needed.

God bless you all and we thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

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