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My name is Bobby, and I am from South Hills in Johannesburg. I was told by my employer on the 26th March 2020 that he has chosen to close business, and offered retrenchment packages to all my fellow workers.

South-African Labour Law states that retrenchment only allows a worker one-week salary for every year he worked, and I fell on the short end, because I was only employed for 9 months.

I lost my wife too a long and painful battle against breast cancer last year October, and I was left alone to raise my 14 year old daughter, Kyle, in a trying time when the world battles against the COVID-19 virus.

Lockdown has been hard for our economy, but also for our children, who lost 3 months of schooling and now have to resort to alternative methods of learning.

Kyle is a Grade 9 student at High School Fakkel, who has a dream to become a Computer Programmer when she completes High School.

Now that most parents, like myself, fear our children to become infected in overcrowded schools by COVID-19, many parents choose alternative methods of learning. I cannot bear to loose my child too, now that I buried my beloved wife only a few months ago. I cannot expose her to the risk that she become infected too.

A program was introduced by Kyle’s school that offer classes via Skype, but the software is not compatible on my cellular phone. We need a laptop for her to complete her school year, as well as money to pay school fees.

I therefore ask you to help me raise ZAR10 000, in order to help Kyle to complete her school year.

God bless you for your kindness.


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