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Hi, I’m Thando Nyeke Magibisela. I am seeking help with my tuition of the last 4 modules so I can graduate. I have never personally benefited from any form of sponsorship and my time in the school year is starting to run out.

I fully understand the incredible impact that these financial awards can have on one’s life. Not only do they provide an affordable avenue for a high-quality education, but they also provide the recipients a wealth of amazing opportunities that may have otherwise been deemed inaccessible. Because of these reasons, I had made it a personal mission of mine to one day be in a position to provide scholarships to others in order to alleviate any financial burdens that may be hindering them in reaching their goals. I want to able to fulfill this mission three years in a row with scholarships going to high school students! All this can’t be done without you guys and your generous selves it can’t be done without the help of all the generous donors who have continued to contribute to us over the years, as well I’m forever grateful for these wonderful people!

With the overwhelming success of my first time in college I know effort to help others too cycles, I am committed to an annual endeavor that students can benefit from for years to come. As you may already know, inspiration was a very crucial part in my upbringing, as I’m sure that it was in yours. Being inspired is such a powerful feeling, and it has the potential of enabling someone to achieve feats that he or she may have once deemed impossible. We all have been inspired at some point in our lives; do you remember how that made you feel? Do you remember what that feeling allowed you to believe you could accomplish? Do you remember the person/people who gave you the opportunity to experience that wonderful feeling? Inspiration is such an important aspect of an individual’s development, so important that I continue to have this desire to sustain a scholarship dedicated to highlighting people who provide this wonderful feeling!

Just like the most recent scholarship cycle, The 2022 Desire To Inspire Scholarship will be dedicated to recognizing young individuals from historically underrepresented minority groups who are interested in a career in healthcare and are making a determined effort to inspire others in some way, shape or form. The scholarship could be used for educational purposes and/or for the purpose of pushing their missions of inspiration forward.

Because of the many amazing individuals who have been willing to contribute to the scholarship fund, this scholarship has been able to continue flourishing and expanding! Their generosity and belief of the mission has helped motivate me to continue providing this opportunity to underrepresented minority students all across the nation, and they have been directly responsible for helping students pay for college!

Just like in past years, we are collecting donations to fund The 2022 Desire To Inspire Scholarship. Allowing the scholarship to be funded by generous people like you who believe in what the scholarship stands for and are willing to help fund young students as they continue to inspire others while working towards their respective educational goals is what makes this scholarship so special and remarkable! I genuinely believe that if you could donate just a small amount to help fund this scholarship, you will be making a huge impact on someone’s life! You’ll also play a role in inspiring someone else to give a few of their dollars to help sustain this scholarship and will also be playing a part in inspiring the future scholarship recipients in unimaginable ways! I fully believe that there are more than enough benevolent people in this world who would donate to a cause like this, and there’s a very good chance that you’re one of them.

With enough people donating a few dollars to this, the financial goal can easily be reached and future recipients will have the chance to be rewarded for their work in inspiring and motivating others! So, if you would be so kind as to spare a few dollars and spread the word about this fundraiser, you would be highly appreciated!

Thank you so much for your time and generosity!

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