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I am JC Kruger, 23 years of age.

I came from a poor family. I am currently living in a shelter, but I want to start a landscaping business where I can plant more trees and save our environment.

I want to plant 1mil trees every year.

I don’t have any family support and would really like to buy my first small truck to begin my business.

I will work to buy tools and then employ more people.

I want to follow my dreams.


What is a dream? What is a dream?

A dream is a goal,

An inspiration,

A dream is where Hope lives,

A dream is something to chase when life drags us down, A dream is a song in the wilderness, good flowering from the mud of evil.

That is a dream.

Get yourself a dream,

Touch God and pray

And never, ever let your dream get away.


With you, my dearest, my dream is always near. Thank you very much.


Global warming has become a household term. You may believe that it is real, or you may have doubts. In both cases you will be victimized by the myth of a melting, expanding heat-breathing monster mocking at you from inside the ozone hole in the dense smog of greenhouse gases. You put on a mask to take a breath of oxygen and keep indoors not to be air polluted. You are sweating because of your green principle not to switch on an air conditioner during the heatwave. Your head is stuck with global warming horrors of Steven King’s kind. We used to talk about whether to fill in gaps in our conversations. Now, we get used to talking about global warming. I have read the reports on global warming that leave no doubt: yes, global warming exists; yes, global warming is accelerating; yes, temperatures rise, so you may spend less on warm clothes; yes, it is globally inevitable. I trust all this because I am a consumer of this information which may be truthful or may be something else.


Global warming may not be real. It is the product of research institutions that are interested in huge investments. What is called global warming is, in fact, our inability to listen to the nature that negatively responds to our careless intrusion and exploitation. Have you ever connected snow in Africa, like last summer’s exotic experience, with global warming? It is not known how much of global warming is produced by industrial practices and how much of it is natural.

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