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Musicians are never taken seriously in African countries, since the is no money. Young people that did not make it in school suffer to pursue their dreams because of funds, many have given up and gotten stuck in drugs and alcohol. There is so much talent that the government does not give a chance to be heard, not only musicians but actors, dancers, poets, painters, writers, etc. the list goes on.

I am a young musician with a dream to help others like me with no help through my music career as I am also pushing to be heard with no funds to support me.

I want to build an industry where people without school, the disabled, orphans, everybody who is talented can have a chance to show the world their talent and make a living through that.

It is not easy to be young and trying so hard for people to see your potential, many of the young generations started stealing selling drugs, selling themselves to make a living since they never finished school because most of the companies want qualifications. It is also difficult to get a job especially when you don’t know anyone because most people want to take advantage.

I am a young Africa musician with the aim to help others, until I save them from the streets.

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