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Hi everyone <3

I [20F] and my partner [21M]  met on tinder in February 2021. The first time we met in person we connected immediately. We talked, laughed and bonded for hours until the sun came up. I introduced him to my love of Rubik’s cubes and other puzzles and now it’s our shared passion!

After two months of dating, I asked him to be my boyfriend in the most romantic way I know how, with Rubik’s cubes! On the bottom of the box of cubes I wrote, “Will you be my BF?” and he said yes 🙂

In June, he had to move to Morocco because of family commitments and we’ve been trying to find our way back to each other ever since, but our biggest obstacle is the money required to buy him a flight ticket back to South Africa.

So we’re asking for any donations, big or small so that we can be reunited. Thank you in advance for your support and anyone who donates will be given updates via photos and videos of our journey back to one another <3

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