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Hi! My name is Kerri.

I am looking for help to get some much needed dental work done. Over the past few years under desperate times i was luckily able to put a simple extraction or filling on a clothing account card but the company has stopped that a couple of years ago. A recent visit to the dentist shows my teeth are very misaligned due to a ‘v’ shaped jaw plus a few teeth having broken jagged edges, that is leading to constant sores and cuts on my tongue and the pain is getting worse and worse ,even interrupting my sleep.

I also have a few teeth that need to be surgically removed and needing some antibiotics for infections.My dentist has suggested partial dentures in replacement of my front teeth to help things look more natural.The cost to try fix everything will be R20 000 .i cannot afford insurance with what i earn.I will greatly appreciate any help i can get,to be able to finally smile without being embarrassed would be a huge weight off my shoulder and make me feel more confident around people

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