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My name is Hercules Asus.

I am a student studying Network Communications at a university and now it’s time to pay my final fees and thus I am a who student does not have a job or any form of income. It’s my final term and my fees are due. If I don’t pay, I won’t be able to graduate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If I do indeed pay my final fees I shall then graduate and be able to start working and make my way in the world.

This money shall go to a good deed in helping me further my studies and thus enrich my life. I’ve always had a love for computers and would just like the opportunity to study further this shall be a great help and I do and honestly thank anyone willing to assist me in any way possible it shall be a great help thank you to those who donate any amount.

You will be changing the life of a person who just wants to learn as much as they can about computers and go on to do good things with computers it shall not be wasted, and it is a great honor to receive any amount.

Please I hope you can help and realize that the money shall go to good use and know that if you ever have computer problems you can call on me anytime and anywhere. This will be a good opportunity for those who want to help someone.

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