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SAFRP Farm Project Christmas

Hi everyone, this is our farm project where we house destitute people. These folks lost their jobs, not because they are unwilling to work but because our economy has taken a turn for the worst. Poverty is one of the leading causes for these families to become homeless.

With no way out, hopelessness and no support from the government, they end up in camps living in horrid conditions, sometimes not even fit for humans to live in. Our project rescues these families and gives them hope, dignity, nourishing meals and a clean place to sleep in for FREE.

Many other places charge these destitute folks rent and if they cannot pay, they are forced out into the streets to go and beg in order to pay the weekly rental. When the families arrive, they are often malnourished – especially the children. They are slowly introduced to proper food and eventually they start to pick up weight and become healthier.

Most of these families have not had a proper Christmas in years and some children never. It is our aim to give them the blessing of receiving a wonderful meal and gifts, “Tis is the time for giving”. This is why I am asking for your help in order to make it the best Christmas ever.

We want to make a beautiful Christmas lunch and spoil everyone with dessert and gifts. We would like to buy some cold drinks and make up candy packs for each child. We are making up care boxes for each adult that contains essential hygiene products and also something sweet as a treat. We want each and every person to feel special, happy and content.

They have gone through so many obstacles in their lives, and we want to show them that even strangers care about them. The struggles and hardships they have suffered will be gone even if it is only for one day.

Thank you to each and every one of you who supports our cause. You are a true blessing.

Please visit our Facebook page to see how we assist these families –

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