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We have identified a challenge with regards to high unemployed youth in different communities and we have taken it upon ourselves to try mitigating or minimizing the unemployment rate by inviting a number of successful entrepreneurs who have not had it easy to share their stories and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs on numerous ways to start a successful business. We have also invited motivational speakers to motivate our unemployed community members that we won’t all be hired by current companies let’s stand up and open our businesses and lastly, it’s to motivate our community on how to support each other’s businesses and that helps grow our local economy well and the end goal will be to ensure that our national GDP is impacted positively.

The entrepreneurs that we have invited are all from different trades and departments ,we have invited a former Air host from SAA who is now manufacturing his Gin/Vodka and secondly, we have a former salesman who is now owning an Ice company that supplies filling stations. We have many other entrepreneurs invited who will be sharing their good, bad, and ugly stories and giving advice on the do and don’t in establishing a successful business and we have taken it upon ourselves to also invite big role players who are relevant with this serious matter.

  1. CIPC to educate our aspiring entrepreneurs on their processes and give guidance.
  2. SARS as the collector we would like them to brief our communities on the importance of doing their returns timeously and what is the benefit of doing that.
  3. Former FSB as the finance regulator we are asking them to look at the gaps and be able to facilitate talks and also try instilling the issue of drafting a budget as an individual and also as a business and share why this is important.
  4. We have invited a number of Banks to join us, and we think the purpose is to give the banks a chance to explain how does a business account work and how to keep it active and we are hoping that the aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to compare not only the pricing of the accounts but also see which bank best suits their business and what value does that particular bank bring to the table.

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