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Jaco du Toit, lawwe maatjie, a good friend, and supportive son and brother, is in need of our help.

On Sunday evening, Jaco suffered an MCA Parietal Lobe Infarct, which in plain English translates to an ischemic stroke. After admission to the hospital l (9hrs) when the scan was eventually done(2days) it was found that he had actually suffered a second stroke whilst he was awaiting care and admission (9hrs) in casualty. Unfortunately, he is not covered and has to be submitted to the Far East for treatment and I severely understate when I say the care is not nearly what it should be and we fear for his recovery.

We have requested, oh how many times, to have him transferred to JHB Gen, yet they refuse stating that he “can” get the care he needs right where he is, even though they submit all results to Neurology at JHB Gen prior to affecting any treatment. We have begged, argued, fought and pleaded for an improvement in care yet it seems, more and more so, that the only solution is to seek care elsewhere, privately.

On his condition: The fancy words mean that the stroke was caused due a lack or major reduction in blood flow to that certain cortex of the brain. You may investigate the two terms and you will be able to understand. He is in a hospital and…well…he is in hospital. They have him on a drip yet they don’t keep him sedated. He is continually complaining about headaches and even though he is still a smart-ass and difficult, we fear the headache complaint advocates a persisting problem which is not being attended to. In general, they just don’t seem to attend to anything.

So I have, after consultation and with permission, decided to ask his friends and loved ones, co-workers and ex-co-workers who have become friends, those who are far, but still love him as though he is there, the friends who have become family, the families that he has become part of, we come to ask your help for Jaco’s wellbeing.

The funds will go towards Private care as below:
General Consultations – and Admission if required (estimation of 1 week admission) ±R50000 Neurological Consultations – single additional scan if required ±R20000 Aftercare and Additions i.e. Physio, meds, wheelchair, follow up consultations ±R7500 Jaco’s personal expenses, like caring for his mother financially. A bit of help goes a long way in supporting those who right now, is Jaco’s support.

Thank you to all for taking a moment and your support.
The best friend


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