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Zoë was raped 93 times from the age of 4 up until she was 18 years old. This does not include the number of times that she was molested and otherwise sexually assaulted. 77 of these time were at the hands of her own father. He passed away in 2017 and only a year later Zoe mustered the courage and started sharing her story. She was terrified of him and what he might have done to her if she would have told anyone. Unfortunately, this type of extensive and deep trauma is so life- and mind shattering that the process to restoration is a very long and costly one.

No human being deserves a lifetime of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, but unfortunately my wife received exactly this.

Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, she has only ever known death. After 25 years of silence about everything she had been through, she has finally found a voice and is on a journey to find life. But she can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Unfortunately, as a result of the many years of intense abuse, the treatment she has received (numerous stays at various psychiatric hospitals, a ton of medication, and much more) has not been comprehensive enough to help her recover from the deep trauma she suffers from. THE LIFE FUND has been put in place to help generate funds for all the treatments and procedures she so desperately needs.

Zoe was first hospitalized after a suicide attempt in June 2017, after which her life continued to fall apart until her second admission in January 2018. She had developed an eating disorder and serious self-harm problems. There have been countless incidents where I have had to take (sometimes rush) Zoe to hospital for stitches. She had to undergo reconstructive surgery due to a critical self-inflicted wound after which she got admitted to a government hospital in Johannesburg for two months. Her time spent there was very helpful, but it was just not enough.

Zoë was referred to an outpatient program and there she underwent her second reconstructive surgery that year. Her life continued spiralling out of control and after a complete psychotic break in early 2019, she was admitted again to a psychiatric clinic, where she currently remains. Unfortunately, her medical aid only covers 21 days of psychiatric hospitalization. After these 21 days are over, her treating team wishes to send her to a rehabilitation centre, of which her medical aid will also only cover 21 days. This is where your help comes in! Zoë’s treating team have worked out a plan to help give her the time and resources she needs to finish her recovery and find true physical, mental and emotional healing in her life; something she has never had before.

We are aiming to raise at least R150 000 to cover the costs of the next years’ worth of treatment for Zoe.

This will cover:

– The cost of the days spent at institutions not covered by her medical aid

– The allowance she needs to stay at institutions not paid by medical aid

– Her stay at a Halfway House

– The costs of her daily needs (toiletries, bedding, snacks etc.)

– Her medical aid for the time she spends in treatment

– Traveling costs to the various treatment centres

– The debt that her mental illness has left her with

Zoë never asked for or deserved a lifetime of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, but fortunately you have the ability to help fund the healing process, to help give Zoë the life she could never have before.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity and support.

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