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“Livy is our 6 month old baby girl. She was born with congenital  CMV (cytomegalovirus). Which gave her a bit of a rough start to life, but our baby girl is getting bigger and stronger everyday.

One of the side effects of CMV is hearing loss. Livy was a few months old when we were told that she has profound bilateral hearing loss. Fortunately Livy is a candidate for Cochlear implants. She currently has hearing aids (on loan). They have given a marginally better hearing ability, but she is still below the speech threshold. We are able to get the Cochlear Nucleus 6 implants, however the magnets would have to be removed for MRI’s. (Unfortunately Livy will need more MRI’s as another side effect from the virus was calcification and cysts on her brain, which will need to be monitored.) We would like to get her the Nucleus 7 because the magnets would not have to be removed for each MRI.

Please help us to raise money to get the Cochlear Nucleus 7 for our little girl,we have been trying to do this on our own – but a time comes when one realizes that you do need help.  We like any other parents want what is best for our daughter, we want her to able to communicate with all around her.

Please help us to help her hear and improve her quality of life.

Thanking you in advance


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