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If asked, to describe my brother, one thing comes to mind, A friend – to all.

He’s the most easy-going person I know. He would spend his last R 20.00 on a sweet if you had a bad day.

A person who protects what they love and who will always have your back.

Never judged anyone about anything.

This was the person I knew.

Today, he is an unrecognizable being, locked away for a crime expedited by an addiction.

A void.

A person searching for a purpose or a place to belong, possessed by a need for substances and the abuse there off hoping this will make him feel something? Something different, anything perhaps?

In my opinion, this was brought on by the unforeseen passing of our parents, they were the foundation of our home and our being.

An endless supply of love and everything else that a person needed, even when you didn’t even know what you may need, or even may have taken for granted.

They taught us what is right and what is wrong, what to do and when to do it, how to be rational.

This is everything that drug abuse exploits. Suddenly, no one knows what is right, what is wrong.

All you’re left with is an urge to feed a wormhole of self-doubt and distant memory of who you once were.

This is not the way to live.

I want, I need my brother back.

This means he needs to get better; he needs to be himself again.

Noupoort has a reputable reputation.  I believe that this is only place that can possibly bring back the brother I once had.

We’re raising funds to assist with the rehabilitation fees and the legal cost involved.

Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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