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In April 2020 my brother was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) at the age of 14 he got chemotherapy a whole knee replacement the chemo did not work, so they decided to try a chemo that has never been used on anyone before he ended up in ICU for three months. He had three different doctors that were telling us he wasn’t going to make it. He will never walk or talk again because of sores that started in his mouth and basically grew through his cheek to the outside in 2021 he was put in remission in December of 2021.

He went for his annual checkup and the discovered a few dots in his left lung they said its nothing to worry about, in June 2022 he was diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer he started chemo right away, but the chemo wasn’t working it was making the cancer grow more quickly. In September of 2022 they said they can try to operate and take it out, but it is a very painful procedure because they have to go through the ribs. We did the operation, but it was unsuccessful.

After two weeks in the ICU, they said that there was nothing else they could do for him so they put him on chemo pills to give him an extra few months but the pills are R25000 every month which we cannot afford.

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