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I am Michael Nawa Mwinga, an unemployed Microbiology graduate from the University of Namibia. I have a passion for mushroom and horticulture production, and over the years have acquired extensive practical knowledge on production of mushrooms and horticultural products.

The agribusiness aspires to produce high value horticultural crops and mushrooms to address food insecurity and unemployment in Namibia.  Members  of the agribusiness have undertaken 8 months training in horticulture and mushroom production under a project called Precision Desert Agriculture as a job creator, which was coordinated by the University of Namibia (UNAM), in partnership with AvaGro and Jayden Nashe Enterprises (JNE), funded by Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS).

The mushroom training focused on button and oyster mushroom production which included the preparation of pure cultures, spawn production as well as mushroom fruiting of the above-mentioned mushroom types. Whereas, vegetable production training focused on greenhouse production of tomatoes, peppers, chili as well cucumbers. In addition, they also gained skills on outdoor crop production in desert environments for spinach, asparagus, herbs, watermelons and egg plants.

With the practical skills and knowledge acquired from the training, the agribusiness aims at producing mushrooms for the Namibian market under the  Mayova project.

According to the Namibian Agronomic Board, Namibia has only one registered commercial mushroom producer who supplies about 20% of the market. Namibia imports most of its mushroom products from South Africa. However, the introduction of the market share promotion (MSP) scheme since 2005 has compelled importers of horticulture fresh produce to buy a certain percentage locally before importing the deficit in a specific quarter of the year. The compulsory percentage was 5% and was subsequently reviewed upwards to the current level of 41.5%.

The agribusiness will venture into button and oyster mushroom as well as horticultural production in order to complement the current mushroom and horticulture producers and reduce on the mushroom and horticulture import percentage into Namibia. Furthermore, the agribusiness will formally join local horticultural producers’ associations and farmer groups which will enhance the business ability to bargain for better terms and access to formal markets.

The raised funds will be used to purchase a 4-hectare piece of virgin communal land in the rural areas of the northern region of Namibia. On this piece of land, the agribusiness will operate a mushroom production enterprise under the project name Mayova as well as run a horticultural production enterprise using hydroponics and precise nutrient application methods.

The business will leverage its unique location, use of high-quality spawn and seeds and use of Good Agriculture Practice to produce and sell a superior product that is in demand to customers.  The agribusiness will also offer training to individuals in rural and urban communities and fellow graduates in precision mushroom and crop farming techniques.

This in return will not only create employment for the Namibian youth but also educate and ensure a nutritious diet for rural communities and further help cascade the idea of mushroom and horticulture production in rural areas as well the major health benefits of consuming mushrooms.


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