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I would like to get myself a vehicle that runs nicely, has power steering and won’t give me any trouble. The vehicle I’m driving is old, and every day is something else wrong with it.

My kids have the right to a safe way to go to school and back.

Please help this mommy of 2 kiddies get to school and home safe. I try my best, but my cancer treatment cleaned me out.

I have one girl (9) and one boy(4) and I desperately need a another vehicle so that I don’t need to push every now and then. I spent almost R5000 to fix her up about 6 months ago and this month cost me another R800 because the spark plug burnt out the bogie cables, then there was something wrong with the carburetor.

I try for my kids, they get food, they have warm beds, and they have a roof over their heads, and I cherish every moment with them but this car of mine is making my doubt that I should trust it in the car with me kids.

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