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My one-year-old baby and myself moved into or own place 2 months ago. The relationship with the father did not work out. I had to buy basic furniture and necessities for the house. That cost me about R4000. I had to put down a deposit of R4000 as well.

My phone broke last month. It cost me R900 to fix – it was cheaper than replacing it. I had to go see a lawyer in regards with contact with the father. That cost me R1800.

My basic salary is just enough to cover all monthly expenses, which doesn’t even include groceries at the moment.

My parents are helping  out with meals during the week, though. I do pay over a small amount to them, though, as they take care of my baby during the day and assist with meals in the evening.

I cannot expect of them to keep on doing though, as it causes them extra financial strain as well..

The father does pay over a maintenance amount. That basically goes towards groceries and the amount

being paid over to my parents.

The baby’s expenses have already been calculated into the monthly budget, so her amount gets paid immediately into her account. The reason she has her account is to ensure that no matter what’s going on in my own financial situation, she always has enough for her requirements.

I have found a new place that’s a bit cheaper, which we will move into at the end of next month.

At this stage, I have been selling items to try and make up for the unexpected costs every month.

I have also asked for relief on monthly payments. It helps to an extent, but obviously the amount has grown bigger than just 1 bill.

It has been a struggle paying of the debt though.

If I can just get it paid off, I know it will be easier to keep it cleared. It just feels as if everything that could have, went wrong in the past 2 months.

I have been considering a second job, but I already work an 8 to 5 job, and somebody needs to take care of my daughter after work. She is a breastfed baby, so she refuses to take formula. I therefore can’t really leave her alone with someone else in the evenings, otherwise I’ll never produce enough milk to sustain her.

Evidence of the bills and unexpected costs can be provided, should evidence be required.

Every little bit will help. I am normally not somebody that asks for help, but we need to get back up on our feet again.

I am obviously going to need to proof that I am financially stable as well, and debt will count against us, should we need to go to court regarding custody of our daughter.

Like I said, normally I am good with budgeting. It’s just that everything spiraled out of control the last two months.

Thank you in advance for those willing to help. 🙂

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