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Hi everyone.

My name is Caitlyn Smith, 26 years old, I’m a single mother to a beautiful daughter (Amber, 5 years old) and I currently reside in Pretoria, South Africa.

At some point in life, everyone hits rock bottom – you know that point where contemplating suicide becomes a hobby? I am nearly at that point!

so that’s why I am messaging you and requesting your help if you wish to of course.

I am ashamed of asking you over the phone because I never believed that my situation would get to this. I’m really hoping you can help me; you are the only person I have reached out to.

for the last 3 months I’ve been battling financially, and seriously struggling to get through the month, I’m behind on both my rent and my daughter’s school fees, we literally have no food at all!

I feel like such a terrible and useless mother, please don’t judge me, or think any worse of me after reading this.

Please, if you’re able and willing to borrow, loan or help me with any amount of money.

I would really appreciate it!

Caitlyn Smith.

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